The Fungi Story

This company was inspired by a gift to a friend, to help them through the night. This is that story; 

The Gift that started it all. Early in May of 2016 I had an idea for a gift, a gift for a friend of mine who was going through some similar health issues. I knew the horrible back and forth between hospital visits of my own time dealing with the VA and my buddy was about to go through a week of insanity down in San Francisco.

I wanted to make him a night light, a mushroom night light as something to keep his mind elsewhere, to give something, a guide to take him anywhere else but the hospital bed.

I knew very little about glass, even less so on how to manipulate it which is where I found myself walking into Mirador Glass in McKinleyville, CA and low and behold the owner was a swimming buddy of mine, what were the odds!?

I told him a little bit about my idea and a few text pictures later, voila! The first Fungi Light! (pictured above) The overwhelming encouragement and admiration received during the creation was so strong plus the appreciation from my friend when he returned home was all the motivation I needed to further pursue bringing Fungi Lighting to life.


Fungi Lighting is a company built around idea of a gift, so that everyone may have some light in their life. Officially lighting up homes and hearts since September 7th, 2016.


 My determination knows no bounds to bring quality, handcrafted and functional glass art pieces to your home and business. These unique MUSHROOM LIGHTS, are the perfect gift!  Based out of my hometown in Arcata, CA. 


Veteran Owned & Operated